Electric Water Heater Temperature

Adjust Electric Water Heater Temperature

It is a fairly easy task to adjust the electric water heater temperature. An electric water heater may have two heating coils or have a single heating coil. With two heating coils there will be two separate adjustments while only one on the single coil. When there are two, one coil is at top where as the other is at bottom. Make sure you adjust both the coils at the same temperature when trying to adjust the temperature of your electric water heater.

electric water heater temperature adjustmentNow it’s time to locate the two covers on the front which is usually held on with screws. You should remove the screws and check if your heater has been insulated. If it is so, you will have to pull back the insulation in order to get to the thermostats.

After doing all this, twist the gauge one hash mark down or up to lower or raise the temperature. In some cases, you may even have to insert a screwdriver into the slot and then turn the gauge down or up. Wait for a couple of hours as the temperature will not change instantly. The process should be repeated until you get the desired temperature. Don’t set it too hot or you will overwork your healing coils and possibly increase the wear on them. If you need assistance with your electric water heater give us a call. Our Phone Number

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