How to Repair a Moen Positemp Shower/Tub valve

Valve Repair Preparation

For repairing a Moen positemp shower valve, first turn off the main water supply valve to your house or shower. Next turn the handle to the on position and remove the screw. Before removing the handle turn the valve clockwise back to the off position. Now remove the handle. Next unscrew the handle adapter from the valve; be careful to set all the parts down on something exactly like you pull it off. Be sure to keep your heat limiter assembly just like it was when you pulled it out so that it will work properly when you reinstall; it is essential for the valve to operate as designed. If it is in a different position than straight up take note of the position and your heat setting swill be retained.

Valve Repair Removal

Now slide off the chrome collar off the valve; inside the collar is the cartridge we are going to replace. There is a clip at the top of the cartridge you must remove by pulling it straight up. Take note if the H & C is on top or bottom and install the new cartridge the same.

To remove the cartridge sometimes they are stuck in the shower valve body. You may need Moen Positemp Valvea special cartridge puller to remove it. Try turning it carefully back and for to see if you can loosen it first. Inspect the inside of the valve body for any debris and remove it if there.

Valve Repair Re-installation

Coat the O-rings with faucet repair lubricant and slide the cartridge into the valve and replace the clip. Replace all parts the same way you removed them. Turn on the water and test the valve and make sure that both cold and hot functions work and the water pressure is good. If your hot and cold are reversed you may have put the cartridge in 180 degrees off. You can fix these two ways; either by rotating the stem 180 degrees or by following the steps above again and turning it around 180 degrees by and place the H & C on the other side. For more fixture and valve repair please see this link Check Out Our How To Plumbing Tips/.

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