Slab Leak “Do It Yourself” Testing

  • Feel to see if you have a Hot Spot on your floor. This is a good indication of a slab leak on the hot water line.
  • Do you have a high water bill? Slab leaks can cause the water bills to soar. A 1/8 inch hole in a metal pipe @ 40 PSI can leak as much as 2500 gallons in 24 hrs.
  • Do you hear water running? Slab Leaks sometimes can be heard in the pipes.
  • Have a wet spot? Slab leaks sometimes surface through the floor or outside the slab in the yard, but not necessarily where the water is seen.
  • Have discoloration of flooring? Sometimes discoloration is a sign of a slab leak.
  • Water Meter turning? If your meter is turning it is possible it is a slab leak or the toilets could be leaking through the flapper. Try the test again after shutting off the toilets and making sure nothing is leaking or running anywhere in the water pressure system.

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