Slab Leak

Slab Leak

When a service technician is locating a known slab leak inside of a building with delicate listening devices; sometimes we will need to turn off all of the electricity so that there are no noises such as ceiling fans, TVs, refrigerators, AC/Heat units, etc. In some cases furniture will need to be moved and carpet will need to be removed to locate the leak. We have listening devices that listen to sound under the slab and then we isolate the leak. We also do a water pressure test, Static pressure test on drains, and video camera drain inspection. We make sure the leak is properly detected & repaired.

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Slab Leak “Do It Yourself” Testing

When you have an indication that there may be a possible slab leak in your home, there are some self testing procedures you can do to partially discover a possible problem. If you have cracks in the bricks or concrete foundation, we can do a static pressure test on your drains and also test your water system for leaks. We also do this type of testing for people who are considering buying a home. If you suspect you may have a leak under your slab you can feel for hot spots of the floor indicating a hot water slab leak, check your water meter, look for wet spots, look for discoloration and high Read More…

Plumbers who can fix a Slab Leak

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Looking for dependable plumbers for slab leak repair?

When you own a home with a concrete slab foundation, it is a good to know you have slab leak insurance covering possible plumbing problems under the slab. It can be very expensive to make repairs when a slab leak occurs. When you find out you have a slab leak, and call your insurance company, they may tell you Read More…

Why it is Important to Repair Slab Leaks ASAP

A good reason to have Dependable Plumbing perform slab water leak detection is to avoid property damage, water loss, and reduce your repair costs as soon as possible.
Leaks are more common in older properties. If you own an older home or are thinking about buying one, you may want us to do a slab water leak detection test before you buy.

We have the best slab water leak detection equipment for detecting water leaks in pressure pipes & drains. For the drains we use hydrostatic pressure testing and also video cameras to see the inside of the pipes detecting areas inside the pipes where slab leaks can occur. Detecting under-concrete slab leaks use to mean messy exploratory digging that was time consuming and expensive. When locating a slab leak we professionally use the most modern equipment and techniques to locate the problem cost-effectively.
We are interested in your needs. We have written a homeowner slab leak self evaluation test for possible leaks under the slab that you can read clicking here. If you have questions or need additional help our expert plumbers are experienced in all types of repairs. Let our Burleson Plumbers help you with your plumbing repairs today!

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