Toilet Fill Valve replacement

Toilet Fill Valve replacement

Toilet fill valve replacement is not at all a hard task if done carefully. Firstly, you should turn off the water supply and remove the excess water from the tank with a wet vac or by dipping it out so that you can easily remove the fill valve without any mess. Disconnect the water line going into the fill valve and remove the nut that holds the valve in place.  Place a pan underneath to catch any excess water.

setting toilet fill valveThis will allow you to easily lift the old toilet valve out of the tank. Put a rubber washer on the new valve for preparing the valve. Then place it back in the take and re-attach the nut. You can adjust the height of your toilet fill valve as per your desire. Now it’s time to set the fill valve back into the toilet tank. While doing so, make sure that the nipple is facing the overflow tube.

Tighten all the nuts and reconnect the water supply. The fill tube clip should be then installed onto the overflow tube. The procedure of toilet fill valve replacement will be complete by cutting the rubber hose to length and by connecting it to the fill tube clip. This process is quite simple if you need help give us a call. Our Phone Number

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